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Centrifugal hermetic-proof pumps ЦГ, НГ

Pumped liquid

Aggressive explosive and toxic liquids, liquefied gases

Centrifugal leak-proof pumps БЭН

Pumped liquid

Aggressive explosive and toxic liquids, liquefied gases

Transformer electric pumps МТ, МТТ, МТЭ, ТЭ, ТТ, ОМТ

Pumped liquid

Compensator oil in cooling systems of power transformers

Centrifugal monoblock sewage pumps ЦМК

Pumped liquid

Household (fecal) and industrial-waste water in small sewage systems

Centrifugal monoblock immersible pumps ГНОМ

Pumped liquid

Загрязнённая вода

Spare parts for hermetic pumps ЦГ, БЭН, НГ

Spare parts for hermetic pumps ЦГ, БЭН, НГ

Electric pumps marking

Насосы ЦГ и насосы БЭН могут устанавливаться во взрывоопасных зонах в соответствии с маркировкой IExdsIIBT4 (для насосов 1ЦГ 25/80-11-5С,  4ЦГ 50/50-11-5С,  4ЦГ 50/50-11-6С — маркировка IExdsIIBT2). Изготавливаются на одно из напряжений 380,  415, 500,  600 В (оговаривается при заказе). Материал проточной части: 12Х18Н10Т (исп. К) или 10Х17Н13М2Т (исп. Е) или ст. 3-10 (исп. А) (оговаривается при заказе).

В комплект поставки насосов (в зависимости от типа) входит: токопроводящий кабель, пускозащитные и измерительные устройства, запасные части, инструмент, принадлежности. Комплектность может быть изменена по желанию заказчика.

Determining technical parameters of the pump are submission, a pressure and pressure and temperature. Submission is a volume of the liquids submitted by the pump in unit of time, expressed in one m3 / hour (cubic meter in an hour) or l/second. It is designated  Q.

The pressure is a different specific energy liquid in sections after and up to the pump, expressed in meters of a water column. It is designated  Н.

At a choice of the pump it is necessary to take into account disorder of parameters of the pump on submission and a pressure, including at various turning the driving wheel, and also an opportunity of a finding of a required mode of operation within the limits of working area of its characteristic.


An example: in a symbol of the electro pump 1ЦГ 12,5/50К-4-2 it is specified:

1 - a serial number of modernization;
ЦГ - type of the electro pump (centrifugal, tight);
12,5 - submission in cubic meter of a liquid in an hour;
50 - a pressure in meters of a column of a liquid;
К - made of a material of a flowing part (speed of corrosion should not exceed 0,02mm/year);

А - carbonaceous steel;
Е - steel hromnickel

  • 10Х17Н13М2Т GОSТ 5632-72;
  • 12Х18Н12М3ТЛ GОSТ 977-88;

К - steel hromnickel'malibden

  • 12Х18Н10Т GOST 5632-72;
  • 12Х18Н9ТЛ GOST 977-88;

К1 - steel hromnickel'malibden

  • 12Х21Н5Т GOST 5632-72;
  • 10Х21Н5ТЛ GOST 977-88.

4 - rated power of the built - in engine, kw;
2 - depending on a design 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5с, 6, 6с the temperature and pressure pump over liquids should be following:

  • 1 from - 500С up to + 500С (16 atmospheres.)
  • 2 from - 500С up to + 1000С (16 atmospheres.)
  • 3 from + 1000С up to + 3600С (15 atmospheres.)
  • 4 from - 500С up to + 500С (50 atmospheres.)
  • 5 from - 500С up to + 1000С (50 atmospheres.)
  •  from + 500С up to + 1000С (50 atmospheres.)
  • 6 from + 1000С up to + 3600С (44 atmospheres.)
  •  from + 1000С up to + 3600С (44 atmospheres.).


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